Finally Know Your Customers.

Get leads and demographic data you never had before by letting BrandLoop run your product registration flow

Drive More Leads

BrandLoop's revolutionary process is increasing product registration rates exponentially for manufacturers.

Gone are the days of sending out warranty cards and seeing only a small fraction of them returned. BrandLoop gives you everything you need to know who is buying your products.

Improve Everything You Know About Your Customers

BrandLoop enables you to pull unique demographic and psychographic information about your customers during the registration process.

By tapping into social media, BrandLoop gives you actionable marketing insights ranging from customer location and hobbies to education level and work history.

Give Customers a Product Registration They Actually Enjoy

The BrandLoop registration path is so simple that it takes most customers less than one minute to complete.

Our one-click registration eliminates nearly 98% of the required fields of standard warranty cards. It also makes for a superb customer interaction with your brand.

Tap into More Data. Much More.

BrandLoop is designed to be a stand alone product registration tool used by customers for all of their purchases.

Built on the Shoeboxed receipt management platform, we retain a list of consumer purchases across all brands.

Companies Who Trust BrandLoop

Sauder Furniture

With a strong desire to optimize their marketing lead generation, Sauder partnered with BrandLoop to ensure a new stream of marketing leads through digital product registration.

Kidde Home Safety

Kidde needed a way to collect customer information that reflected a true data set of who was buying their products. With the help of BrandLoop, they have been able to do just that.

Moog Music

With low product registration rates, Moog created a brand new product registration system with BrandLoop to gain insight into customers buying their entry-level synthesizers.

About BrandLoop

BrandLoop is a full product registration solution for both manufacturers and their customers. By completely overhauling the product registration process using modern technology like receipt capture and social media single sign-on, BrandLoop is setting out to deliver much richer customer information to marketers.

BrandLoop is powered by Shoeboxed, the pioneer of online receipt capture and e-receipt processing. Shoeboxed has two million users worldwide and processes over 20 million product transactions each year. Using Shoeboxed's core competence of automatic e-receipt processing, BrandLoop is able to help customers better track their purchases and register eligible products for manufactuer warranties.